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Outdoor Lovers Booklist

I have read each and every one of these books and loved them. This is an unusual list in that several of them are out of print but easy enough to find from resellers on Amazon or eBay. Tales of being the last homesteaders in Alaska, rescuing and learning from elephants in Africa, loving a pet quail and many more fascinating tales complete this list.


Animal Booklist for Children

Children love books that feature animals as the main characters. Plus, they learn about the various creatures God designed and all their unique habits. There are silly ones here, and quite informative and entertaining ones! There are also hard-to-find ones that are now available again thanks to reprints on Amazon.


Sweet Bird Cards

It’s so frustrating when you need to run to the store and buy an over-priced card at the last minute. Far better to have an adorable alternative you can print out right at home, as many times as you want! And best of all, no fancy or odd-sized envelope needed. They fit into business-sized envelopes you probably already have!

Inside of “A little bird told me…”

Inside of “A little bird told me…”