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It is always my goal to help educate and delight readers with the mysteries of this beautiful world and discover hope.
That means when you read one of my books, you will learn something about science or nature and then discover how that points to God working for good in your life. The backdrop of His universe is love. Step into wonder and delight in it.


This Outside Life: Finding God in the Heart of Nature

The latest! Has your breath ever caught at the sight of a sunset? Have you ever stopped in your tracks to listen to birdsong? This Outside Life is for those who love the outdoors. Those who step outside and feel a sense of peace and calm steal over them and soothe their scattered souls. Stories about falconry, white water rafting, campfires and butterflies fill these pages to help lead sojourners into delighting in nature and discovering God. Each chapter ends with a set of discussion questions making this perfect for Bible and group study. Also available as an audio book from


Gardening Mercies: Finding God in Your Garden

Gardens are places where we are up close and personal to God’s daily miracles of creation, death, and rebirth—life itself. But life, like gardening, can be messy, dirty and hard. Digging into the struggles and joys we face daily, such as discerning God’s will, coping with crushed hopes, and learning to love, Gardening Mercies provides inspiration and instruction for the seasons of our lives. Each chapter ends with a set of discussion questions making this perfect for Bible and group study.


Wings of Mercy: Spiritual Reflections from the Birds of the Air

Observe the cheery bluebird, the hovering hummingbird, and the brilliant cardinal along with the lowly sparrow. Lively descriptions and fascinating information about our feathered friends coupled with honest, searching insights about living out our faith make Wings of Mercy a book for every birdwatcher, whether casual or dedicate. Available in Kindle.