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I’m so excited about my new book that I’ve put together some great bonuses to help you enjoy the outdoors.

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Enjoy these freebies with your preorder

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Nature Journal Guide

This 38 page guide walks you through a five day journey exploring outside with your 5 senses. Compelling questions and gentle nudges to notice the world around you open your eyes to the infinite storm of beauty that surrounds us every day. Participants will walk away with a new sense of God’s majesty and presence surrounding them.


Audio and print download on happiness chapter

Print and audio chapter! Download a free chapter (both print and audio) from the book on how to find the bluebird of happiness for your life. Many of us think that the right job, husband, house or circumstances will give us the happiness we hunger for. But maybe there is a secret that unlocks happiness that doesn’t depend on all that? This chapter shows you how.


All occasion nature cards

These nature-inspired, adorable cards are free for you to download. And best of all, they fit into a regular, business sized envelope. No more running off to the store to buy overpriced cards!

The “Just a note” card is blank inside, and the “Congratulations” card has a floral image with “So proud of you!” on the inside.


These bonuses disappear after March 4th!

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Explore Nature

Taking our insides outside benefits our souls, health and general well-being according to the latest studies. God speaks to us through His creation daily,
let’s journey together to explore it all!